Welcome to the Tom Goldstein Snooker site.

Tom Goldstein - one of the many young and talented amateur snooker players currently competing to make it to the top of the game and ultimately the holy grail of a professional ranking.

Anyone with an understanding of the game will appreciate the dedication required to pursue such an ambition. Hours of practice sessions, hours of gruelling road trips, hours of tournament and league matches.

Follow and support Tom as he follows his dream of becoming a professional snooker player.

Thank-you for visiting this site & see you at the Crucible in the near future!

Sponsorship Announcement

Tom is pleased to announce that he has secured a sponsorship deal with BAP Group Ltd

BAP Group has been established for over a quarter of a century as a major warehousing and national distribution company. With over 30 years of experience in the industry BAP Group work with their clients to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of their existing solutions.